Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Love in a time of corona virus

As a supporter and photography contributor of my local Ferntree Gully News for more than ten years I  would like to share this.

From the editor
Love in a time of corona virus

One aim of Ferntree Gully News is to celebrate the good news of people and groups in Ferntree Gully – from the Mountain Gate up into the Dandenong Ranges.

We thought this issue was to be a celebration of community events over the summer and a packed list of What’s On this autumn.

How wrong we were.

Not wrong to celebrate the summer festivals, though now they seem like a precious dream. And beautiful spaces sit empty under the autumn sun.

Ferntree Gully News was launched in September 2009 soon after the Black Saturday bush fires. In the editorial of issue No.1 we said
‘Those who deal with international disasters report that places with strong community links survive better in an emergency than those without such links. An important element in strengthening a community is a volunteer newspaper where people can share the good news stories and initiatives that make Ferntree Gully a safe and beautiful place be.‘

Now, as pandemic looms, no longer so safe. Instead this is the time to draw on our deepest community resources, our connections and concerns for each other. Although the doors to community premises are closed and public gatherings to be avoided, we can still think about those around us and use imagination to offer support and encouragement.

So far at least we still have the chance to walk, to hear birdsong and to see the clash of myriad colours as the singers dart amongst the trees.

Community contacts are listed on page 23. Websites and facebook pages of groups and businesses will keep us updated. Where possible we ask you to support our advertisers through this difficult time. 

To access this issue as well as the archive please go to: ferntreegullynews.com